Bowmore 12 YO

"What the fuck!? I mean, it's a fine whisky, I can tell that much, but smoke, petroleum? Burnt oil? I don't want that in my glass" - that's what my friend said to me when we first tasted a heavily peated, smoky whisky, the Johnnie Walker Double Black blend. And I just smiled and took... Continue Reading →


Whisky Tastings: Glenfiddich core range  

One of the best way to up your whisky game and learn more about your own preference and to widen your palate is to regularly conduct tasting of a several drams side by side. There are a lot of ways in which you can do this, from participating at organised tastings, visiting a bar with... Continue Reading →

Bacardi Gold Rum

Yep, this is the first guest drink on mine whisky oriented blog, and it's rum. In the spirit of Summer, it is easier to drink than whisky and goes well when I get drunk with my flock and we start singing sea shanties. So, Bacardi Gold is a Spiced rum edition coming from the world... Continue Reading →

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