Plantation Rum: From Caribbean with love

This year, I intended to drink rum all summer long and make a personal rum diary which I would later on rewrite on the blog.

Well guess, what?

I did not.

At least not as much as I wanted to. Lot of travelling paired with a busy freelance schedule left me little time to sit on my balcony, sip rum and enjoy a good book, but I did managed to try a few noteworthy rums to which I will definitely be coming back.

I am talking  about Plantation rums. So to introduce you to Plantation, the most important thing you should know about them, is that they are and independent bottlers from France that buys rum from the rum heaven, the Caribbean islands, mainly Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. This rum is then shipped to France, where they are additionally aged and finished in cognac casks. Interesting combination, so let me tell you a bit more.

I have put up for review two editions, so the first one is Plantation 3 Stars Rum.
The 3 stars represent the 3 main islands from which rums that are in this blend originate ( yep, the same 3 mentioned above, Barbados, Trinidad, and Jamaica ). It is a white rum, blended from unaged rums and rums aged 2-3 years, and just a wee bit of Jamaican 10 year old rum.
On the nose it is very sweet, a lot of brown sugar and a pleasant fruity flavour. 
Mellow on the palate, the sweetness continues and gives way to a range of tropical fruits, perhaps some bananas and strawberry, and more sugar, perhaps caramel, and also some bitter and sour notes are discovered later on.
Finish is very short, but inviting for more.

Very good white rum, as it can be enjoyed sipped on a terrace, but lets be honest, this one was intended to be a cocktail base for your classic rum cocktails such as Mojito or Daiquiri. So I drank up most the bottle in making variations of the classic Daiquiri cocktail, such as this amazing frozen forest fruits Daiquiri.



And the second Rum I tried was Plantation Grand Reserve, a blend of rums from Barbados aged for three years and finished in cognac cask.

The nose is rich with tropical fruit, pineapple, mango, papaya  and burnt sugar, and some milk chocolate on occasion.

The palate continues with the fruity flavours, but more like dry tropical fruits and coconut flakes in a vanilla ice cream.  Very rich and creamy.
A savoury and bitter finish with a burnt sugar aftertaste.

This is truly a fine sipping rum, one that is bets enjoyed neat. However, I did experiment with a Cuba Libre and it killed all the subtle flavours of tropical fruits, but it was brilliant in a Dark n Stormy.

These are all rums worth a try, and they have very good prices. I would say that Plantation Grand Reserve is definitely a rum to show your friends what a premium, fine rum is, and the 3 Stars rum will be replacing the classic Havana Club 3 YO which was my go to rum for Mojito`s and Daiquiris.

That`s it from the rum for now, in my next post I will be returning to Scottish Highlands, so stay tuned!





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