Bacardi Gold Rum

Yep, this is the first guest drink on mine whisky oriented blog, and it’s rum. In the spirit of Summer, it is easier to drink than whisky and goes well when I get drunk with my flock and we start singing sea shanties.

So, Bacardi Gold is a Spiced rum edition coming from the world famous Bacardi brand.

Charcoal filtered and aged in Oak barrels for a year or two, it picked up some flavours of the barrel, so it initially reminds of half evaporated whisky.

Sweet on the nose, a dominant vanilla aroma at first, but after that only harsh alcohol. The sip is sweet and dry, with no noteworthy aromas.
Finish is dry and almost nonexistent.
But this rum was intended as a mixer, so it makes for a good Cuba Libre, however I would still pick up the Superior over Gold, or even get a bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Gold instead. Too blank and too alcoholic for the price range of 20€ a bottle.

I’ve tried Oakheart and Carta Negra some time ago, and was massively dissapointed by both, so I am avoiding Bacardi for the time being.

It accomplishes it’s mission of getting me buzzed, but you can drink better for less money.


Let me know what do you think of the Bacardi rum in the comments, and stay tuned for more Rum Diary entries.



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