Glen Grant 5 YO

It has been a while since I reviewed anything, but it doesn`t mean there was no drinking or trying out new stuff. Quite the contrary, with heavy workload the past couple of months, I`ve downed a bottle of Famous Grouse on weekly basis – it works great with one ice cube.

But maybe the most interesting bottle I opened was Glen Grant 5 YO Single Malt, which I found in Italian supermarkets for a “weird” price of 12€. Yes, twelve Euros for 0.7 bottle of Single Malt Scotch, packed in a smooth silver tin can.
I didn`t quite know what to expect, but the “Rothes Speyside” declaration on the label and the 5 years old age statement gave me mixed signals- I love Speyside whisky, but 5 YO? 12 €?
Boy, was I wrong.

Not just it is well worth the money, but it is absolutely amazing for the price and the age statement.

The nose is floral, with honey, fresh grass and leaves and some vanilla hints,  which continues well into the palate. Although very light bodied, it offers strong notes of fresh, crisp apples, perhaps some pears and other fruits. The finish is classically dry and nutty, but very satisfying.

It is good on its own, but it doesn`t stand much mixing and diluting, so I would avoid killing this with Coke or Ginger Ale, but instead mix it with (unsweetened) tea, or just plain water. I made a great Highball with just the whisky, water, ice and some garnish.  You can choose Sparkling water as well, just make sure it is not too salty.

To conclude, I`ve liked the Glen Grant 5 YO, very much, but I have difficulty finding it outside of Italy – but instead there is the NAS edition Glen Grant The Major`s Reserve, which I guess is the same one with a different label. I suppose Italians don`t care how old is the drink, as long it is good. I will be trying a 10 Year old label after the summer, and I saved a dram of the 5 YO for comparison, so expect another post about the Glen Grant whisky.




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