The Glenlivet 15 YO French Oak Reserve

Here it is folks, my final Glenlivet review for a while. The Glenlivet distillery was first one on my list to explore,as I have heard and read a lot of praise from everywhere.

I have started with the 12 YO, and accidentally got a First Fill Exclusive Travel Edition of it, and I loved it in an instant. Apparently, the classic 12 YO is discontinued on my market, so the next step was the Founders Reserve, a Non Age Statement expression, which I best enjoyed in some classic cocktail. The final step in my exploration is this 15 YO edition, partially matured in French Oak Limousine casks, that are more commonly used to store fine wine or Cognac, and they impair some spicy notes as well as a silky texture on the already fine single malt.

From the three  expressions I`ve tasted, I`ve found the 15 YO to be the best, simply because it is the most smooth, most aromatic of the three, and it has that extra depth that really makes every sip seem like a new chapter in a book. On the nose it carries elegant fragrance of freshly arranged flower bouquet, with dominant red roses. With addition of water and some time after, I`ve also recognised some creamy and fruity notes, primarily banana, macchiato, strawberry jam and spices. On the palate it is strongly malt driven, somewhat dry,  but it continues with the creamy notes later on. Red fruits (cherries)  dipped in chocolate being the first association, and some tropical fruits and baked apples here and there. The finish is malty and sweet, with  fruit jam and citrus notes.
All in all, it is a well rounded whisky adventure. Smooth, easily enjoyable and complex just enough to keep you coming for more.

A perfect dram for a warm Spring afternoon.





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