Penny Packer Bourbon

Last weekend I was in a mood for some good old bourbon, and having some friends over, I wanted something not too expensive, but again something special and not very ordinary to spice up the evening.

I took a look at my shelf and I saw this strange looking bottle sitting on top, hidden behind more expensive and popular stuff. I didn`t know what to expect of this drink, due to very little info on the web. It started off in the  60`s and 70`s  and was aimed for the German market, and revived in 2000s, and then sold on the US and European markets. Even though I was sceptical because of this lack of info, I found that it has 71% of corn in the mash, so I thought it was a good sign since I am a big fan of that sweet Cornish sweetness in bourbons. There is a slight possibility that I am a bit hyped up right now and this impression may fade away as time passes, but I have to say, this is one damn fine Kentucky bourbon, definitely better then expected.
It starts with a bunch of green apples, perhaps sour apple candy  and chewing gum on the nose, and some vanilla later on. On the palate it proves itself once again: it is very mellow and sweet, finely balanced, with notes of strong vanilla and toffee, some apple pie every once in a while. Really a classic bourbon flavour, with a short, oak driven and pleasant finish.  This bourbon shows its true quality when mixed with Coke, if you don’t drown it, of course. I added just a splash and found that it perfectly captures the essence of the PennyPacker´s aroma. I continued drinking it with Coke, and it was very easy going, so definitely a big recommendation for parties or predrinking meet ups.


The bottle didn’t survive until Saturday, so I couldn’t try some finer cocktails, but I think it would mix good with basically everything.
Pennypacker is not a bourbon that will sit in your glass, and don`t expect you will be finding new stuff in the glass as you go, but it is a well rounded bourbon that surprisingly goes very s well on its own, and matches perfectly with soda.
For an average price of 15€ per bottle, you can`t go wrong with this bourbon. Cheers!



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