The Glenlivet 12 YO First Fill

This week, March 27th was International Whisky Day, so I wanted to open a bottle of something special. The choice fell on The Glenlivet 12 Years Old First Fill single malt which I got just recently.

A travel retail exclusive, this 12 year old expression of the legendary Speyside malt has been matured exclusively in American Oak casks that have not been used to age Scotch before. I couldn`t find more info online, but those are probably ex-bourbon casks. The flavours are strongly wood driven, so there is a combination of fine vanilla, freshly chopped wood and leafs, fruit tree blossoms and fruit, most notably tangerines, with a slight hint of coconut on occasion. The nose is fantastic and every time you smell it, you are transported on a meadow in early Summer. With every sniff I would recognise some new flavour or aroma. Definitely a 10/10 nose.

On the palate, very tasty and smooth, buttery and creamy, which complements well with the initial fruitiness, and it now reminds of a breakfast table filled with selection of fruit jams, honey, butter and toast. Not as good as on the nose though, but a drop of water goes a long way.

Mellow and easy, with a medium long, wood driven finish with notes of honey coated nuts.

A representation of the predominant aromas found in the dram


This is a very nice dram for 35-40€ for a 0.7 L bottle, and it deserves a chance. I have really enjoyed this expression, and it has been my first encounter with The Glenlivet (not counting those times when I ordered it in a bar, already drunk from something else and not really in a mood to evaluate the whisky), and I really loved it, so I will continue exploring their range of products. There is a bottle of 15 YO French Oak Reserve in my cupboard waiting to be opened, and I am definitely buying Founder`s Reserve 1824 the first time I get a bargain. Unfortunately, I haven`t had a chance to try the classic 12 year old expression, as it is currently unavailable on my market, but I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Read you soon! Cheers!

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  1. Great review! I don’t travel too much so haven’t had the chance to try this but The Glenlivet are a safe bet regardless of the expression. The 18 year old is pretty expensive but if you get the chance to try it is one of the best malts around. Also first fill casks are brand new casks so have never had any spirit in them before. American Oak is merely the wood used for them.


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