Welcome to The Drunk Flamingo


I am a 25 year old guy from Croatia and a huge whisky aficionado.

I am also a lawyer in the making, amateur writer, lover of nature and outdoors. I`ve started this blog after a 2 year adventure through the world of whisky, in which I have made the first baby steps, gained some basic education in the area, and I was inspired to start writing things up, and to share my experiences with the community. I have changed my friends and family perception of whiskies, and I am trying every day to spread the whisky culture among them, to teach them about whisky: that it is not some “harsh grain spirit”, but a work of art. Behind every bottle stand centuries of human knowledge, tradition, experience and most of all, passion.
Ultimately, this is what this blog is all about.

I am a huge advocate of simply enjoying the drink, and I do not in anyway encourage heavy drinking or intoxication; quite the opposite, I try to spread the philosophy that every drink, whether it is whisky, beer, rum or gin, should be enjoyed with respect and gratitude.

Over time, I wish to have a catalogue of Scotch Single Malts, Blends, American, Irish and Japanese whisky stories, to serve as my memoirs, a reference to other whisky enthusiast and a guide for the newcomers. From time to time, I might dedicate some of my posts to craft beer, rum, gin or vodka.

Comments and discussions are mostly welcome.




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