Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

The core expression from the Glenfiddich distillery is this classic 12 year old single malt,with its recognisable, triangle shaped green bottle and a stag on the label. First thing first, as far as branding and marketing goes, I think Glenfiddich is maybe the number one brand I think of when someone mentions single malt whisky, because of its stylish logo and uniquely shaped bottles. It was also one of the first single malts I have ever tried, so the impression it had on me was rather groundbreaking. For a whisky newbie, this was a whole different world from the blended whisky I used to drink until then. For everyone new to whiskies, 12 year old edition of Glenfiddich is a must try; not only is it an essential part of your personal whisky journey, but a part of general culture.

Now, let`s go and find out what lies in the bottle.

Once poured in the glass, it gives of beautiful golden colour. Very intensive fruity nose, you can find a lot of warm aromas reminiscent of a meadow in spring time. There is definitely a lot of flowers and fruit blossoms, perhaps some honey and of course the characteristic fresh fruit, pears and apples with a slight touch of vanilla.
Very mellow and sweet on the palate, with rich fruit and some hints of cocoa. Strong wooden notes, also.
The moderately lingering finish leaves flavours of apples, honey, and later on even some tobacco, grass or hay.

This is truly a love at first sip, and it is here to stay. A Scotch you should always have in your cabinet, because when offered, no one will say no to a Glenfiddich 12. A real all-rounder, it can be enjoyed throughout the year, preferably in spring time. Personally, I have a fond memory of a walk through the woods in beginning of March, when warmer winds and shy sun gave off a wee hint of the blossoming spring to come, and Glenfiddich was a perfect dram to celebrate the beginning of something new.


Perfect companion for a hike through the woods


A perfect companion for a hike through the woods.



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